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Why We Founded Pi Rho Omega

Pi Rho Omega was founded in order to fulfill multiple needs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. First and foremost, there was a genuine need for another professional business fraternity at our school. Given the natural selectivity of the existing business fraternities, only just over one hundred students a semester get the opportunity to become members. Adding one more gives another group of students the chance to also reap the benefits of being in a professional business fraternity. This was the first and main motivation to create Pi Rho Omega. 


It was after deciding to fulfill this need that we realized we had a unique opportunity to create a new, revamped, modern professional business fraternity. We believe that no person could rightfully call themselves a professional or “professional” until after at least five years of experience in their respective industry. Therefore, we made it a core tenet of our philosophy not to recruit and select members based on their perceived “professionalism”, but rather to recruit and select members based on their sociability, well-roundedness, work ethic, and passion for business—all markers for a future successful, professional business leader.


Connor Devine, Zoe Ray, Joe Klaw

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Our Pillars

Our pillars are what guide our goals as an organization.


First and foremost, our goal is to turn well-rounded individuals into future business leaders by teaching them the skills necessary to do so.


We foster a culture that teaches our members to excel socially, so they may be prepared for a variety of situations they will face in the future, while building a brotherhood of strong, meaningful relationships. 

Personal Development

We encourage our members to develop themselves not only professionally and socially, but philanthropically, physically, and mentally.

Mission Statement

Turning well rounded individuals into a network of future business leaders.

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